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Jay Hollander, Esq. is the principal of Hollander and Company LLC,, a New York City law firm concentrating its efforts in the protection and development of property interests relating to real property, intellectual property and commercial interests, as well as related litigation.

The content of this article is intended to provide general information relating to its subject matter. Providing it does not establish any attorney-client relationship and does not constitute legal advice. Personal advice in the context of a mutually agreed attorney-client relationship should be sought about your specific circumstances.

IndependenceIndependence Community Bank Launches 2006 Community Workshop Series as Experts Talk About “Tips & Traps of NY Real Estate in a Changing Marketplace”

Christopher Toole, Vice President & Market Manager, today announced that Independence Community Bank will present the first in its 2006 series of Community Workshops, "Tips and Traps of New York Real Estate in a Changing Marketplace" at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 18, 2006.

“This event should provide important information for buyers and sellers who may be unsure of how to respond in today's residential real estate environment," said Mr. Toole.

The free workshop will feature keynote remarks by Manhattan real estate attorney Jay Hollander and will take place at the Independence Community Bank branch, 251 Park Avenue South, at 20th St.., in Manhattan.
Other participants in the workshop will include knowledgeable sales and mortgage brokers in the New York metropolitan area, joining Mr. Hollander to discuss what sellers and buyers need to know to succeed in negotiating smooth transactions in a high price, rising interest rate environment.

"I am very pleased to have been selected to present the keynote at what promises to be a very informative and educational presentation by Independence Community Bank," said Mr. Hollander, who is principal of Hollander and Company LLC, a Manhattan law firm concentrating in legal representation of seller, buyer and investor real estate property interests. A frequent lecturer on real estate issues, he has published several articles on different aspects of real estate law and is often quoted in such industry publications as NY Cooperator and Real Estate New York. 

To make reservation to attend the workshop or for further information contact Kelly Fenton, Branch Manager, Independence Community Bank, 251 Park Avenue South, Manhattan, 212 372-0033.

Click here for announcement flyer.

Copyright © Jay Hollander, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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